About Us

My name is Justine Brashear. I am a mother, daughter, sister, friend, and writer. I have recently added on the title of Breast Cancer Warrior. My world was changed forever when I was diagnosed in July 2021 (you can read about the beginning of my journey here). As a single mother of three children, I needed to find a way to support myself and my family as I undergo treatment and recovery. As a writer, quotes and words of wisdom have always inspired me through many difficult times in life. So, having an entrepreneurial spirit, I decided to launch this store using words to inspire and encourage others.
Justine Brashear

When I first began creating my inventory, it was to bring awareness to breast cancer. I was so grateful for an early diagnosis and wanted to give back by donating part of the proceeds. I soon stumbled onto statistics about other cancers, and I looked up from my focus on my diagnosis and realized how many family and friends I know who are also battling their own diseases. In that moment, I saw how everyone is struggling. And while breast cancer has a spotlight and a huge platform already, so many other conditions do not. So, I hope to do my part and make a difference where I can as I continue to learn.

This store will always be evolving, trying to bring awareness to different conditions while providing inspirational (and sometimes, funny) quotes to get us all through the day. I will continue to come up with new designs and add new products, so please be sure to subscribe to the newsletter. And If there is a cause you would like me to highlight, please email me directly at justine@CultivateExpression.com.

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